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 GDCM News and Notes 

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Women's Christmas Fellowship - 12/13/2019 - 7:00 pm

Join the Women of Destiny on December 13th at 7pm for their Annual Christmas Fellowship. 

Agape House Christmas Adoption/Angel Program - 12/15/2019 - 8:55 am

Help us make a less fortunate child's Christmas very merry and support our Annual Agape House Christmas Adoption/Angel Program. We have over 60 kids that we will sponsor / adopt so see Amonica (Coodie) Hargis and grab a name and bring back the gifts by Sunday December 15th so we can deliver! 

6th Church Anniversary - 12/22/2019 - 8:55 am

Join us as we celebrate our 6th Year Church Anniversary. Also please consider sowing a special $60 seed offering towards our Building Campaign. 

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Or is it faith? Or some complex combination of both?

The evangelist Billy Sunday wasn’t afraid to try something new. He would jump on top of a pulpit if he thought it would get attention. He would sell shares of a revival tabernacle, complete with “stock certificates” guaranteeing the bearer a portion of the proceeds, if he thought it would bring in enough money to fund the business of preaching the gospel.

He was a man who believed in innovation. But this was surprising even for him.

In 1934, Sunday was deciding who would publish his next book. He had two publishers, William Eerdmans and Pat Zondervan, come meet him at the same time. Each man was surprised to find the other in the meeting. Then Sunday asked them both to pray out loud. In a prayer competition. Which he would judge. The two men did pray, Sunday judged that Zondervan’s extemporaneous prayer was best, and he awarded the 25-year-old’s company with the contract for Billy Sunday Speaks!

The story is kind of a parable of American evangelicalism. As a parable, it raises a question: Which of these men acted out of faith and which from commercial interest?

Daniel Vaca, an American religious historian at Brown University, offers a clear answer in his new book, Evangelicals Incorporated: Books and the Business of Religion in America. He says all three. All three were acting out of faith. All three were acting out of commercial interest. In fact, when looking at the history of contemporary American evangelicalism, it doesn’t make sense to distinguish between the commercial and the religious.

“Evangelicalism exemplifies what I describe as ‘commercial religion,’” Vaca writes. “Religion that takes shape through the ideas, activities, and strategies that typify commercial ...

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Pastors are called on constantly to help people fix their lives, because pastors minister to people who are broken. But pastors are broken people, too.

Pastoring is difficult. Ask any pastor how the day is going and about 360 days of the year you’ll hear at least one challenge that day—relational, spiritual, physical, emotional, or mental. Roughly five days a year we feel like we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Those are precious days when so many are filled with defeat, discomfort, or discouragement.

Pastors are called on constantly to help people fix their lives, because pastors minister to people who are broken. But pastors are broken people, too. It’s easy to want to come up with the quick fix, the perfect remedy. I just need a plan! we muse to ourselves. I just need a strategy, or, I wish I could stay committed to the strategy I have, we think. Or, I need more sleep. I need more sabbath-ing.

I want to give eight lies pastors believe—those which can pull us off the beaten path traveled by godly leaders in generations past. Part One looks at the first four.

1. I just need more plans and strategies, and I will be a better leader.

Pastors tend to be doers, and in our doing we can forget that who we are in Christ matters far more than what we do for Christ. Derwin Gray summed up the recent G2 Summit’s focus succinctly: “The greatest work God wants to see done is not ministry THROUGH you, but ministry IN you.”

When pastors give and minister to the point of mental or emotional exhaustion we can begin to believe the lie that the answer to every challenge is a new plan or strategy: just give me the one strategy, the “magic bullet” I can use to lead my church to do ______, and I am set. There is no magic bullet. We don’t need a magic bullet. We need Jesus.

The only way to lead better is by letting God love you better. ...

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An interview with Phil Chorlian of the Vineyard Churches.

Ed: Why did you decide to organize a group of pastors to work through Breaking the 200 Barrier in their churches?

Phil: The Vineyard has about 600 churches in the U.S. and 75 percent of them are under 200. One of the things that we’ve noticed through the years is that Breaking the 200 Barrier releases a lot of fruit.

Conversions go up, baptisms increase, first time guests, stewardship, leadership, small groups, all of the key indicators of a thriving, missional church kick into overdrive once a church breaks the 200 barrier.

So we thought, “What if we sowed into churches that were between 100-200 attenders and see if we could help some of them break through this barrier?” We did a launch meeting in Phoenix where we invited all the Vineyard churches that were between 100-200 to this 2-day event.

The conference was free, but they had to pay for travel and lodging. Given how pricey that can be, I was very pleased by the response. Some senior pastors came alone, but many came with some key leaders or even a team.

We had about 170 pastors and leaders from about 70 different churches travel to Phoenix. I think there’s something that happens when you get people together in a room who are after the same thing.

Plus, since we’re the Vineyard, we like to have the opportunity to engage in prayer ministry with folks so it’s not just about receiving more information, but hopefully about having something spiritually imparted.

We gave people options concerning the level of engagement they could choose. If they just wanted to come to a “Breaking the 200 Barrier” 2-day conference and have that be the end of it, they could just attend. For those who wanted more, they could purchase your “Breaking ...

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